January 2, 2023
Raising Canes

Buxton Blinds recently partnered with Raising Cane's, a fast-food chain specializing in high-quality chicken fingers, to install exterior roller shades at their establishments. This collaboration aimed to enhance the dining experience for patrons while addressing specific environmental needs. Read

The decision to install exterior roller shades at Raising Cane's locations aligns with the chain's dedication to providing an optimal dining atmosphere for its customers.

This collaboration exemplifies the strategic partnership between a specialized provider like Buxton Blinds and a dynamic restaurant chain like Raising Cane's, showcasing how thoughtful improvements to infrastructure and ambiance can positively impact customer satisfaction and overall dining experiences.

Installing Roller Shades at Rasing Canes.
Installing Shades at raising Canes2Installing Shades at raising Canes3
January 2, 2021
Barber Craft

Buxton Blinds recently collaborated with Barber Craft, an upscale and modern barbershop, to install roller shades in their establishment. This partnership aimed to elevate the ambiance, functionality, and comfort of the barbershop while catering to the specific needs of both the barbers and their clientele.

Barber Craft represents a contemporary approach to traditional grooming, providing high-end barbering services in a sophisticated setting. With a focus on craftsmanship, attention to detail, and personalized grooming experiences, Barber Craft has established itself as a premier destination for individuals seeking top-tier grooming services.

The decision to install roller shades at Barber Craft aligns with the barbershop's commitment to creating a stylish and comfortable environment for their clients. Roller shades offer several benefits that perfectly suit the ambiance

outside barber craft
installing manual cord barber craft gel
Barber Craft full shot
April 22, 2019
Health and Human Services Agency

Health and Human Services (HHS) is a vital government agency focused on improving and safeguarding the health and well-being of all Americans. This expansive department encompasses a wide array of services and programs, addressing public health, social services, medical research, and more.

From Medicare and Medicaid to disease prevention initiatives and welfare programs, HHS plays a crucial role in supporting and advancing the health and welfare of individuals and communities across the United States.

Buxton Blinds' installation of these roller shades tailored to the specific needs of HHS facilities is a testament to their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. By providing durable, easy-to-maintain window treatments, they've contributed to the enhancement of these spaces, ensuring that the working environment aligns with the department's mission of promoting health and well-being.

Health and Human services outside
Health and Human services office
Health and Human services meeting roomHealth and Human services meeting room2
June 8, 2020
San Diego International Airport

Buxton Blinds recently performed maintenance on roller shades at the San Diego International Airport, a major airport serving the San Diego area in California.

Maintenance involves various tasks aimed at preserving their functionality and appearance:

Inspection and Repairs: Buxton Blinds conducted a thorough inspection of the roller shades, identifying any issues such as wear and tear, damage, or malfunctioning components. They would have then proceeded with repairs or replacements as necessary to ensure optimal functionality.

Cleaning and Lubrication: Cleaning the roller shades helps remove dust, dirt, or grime that might accumulate over time, preserving their appearance. Lubricating moving parts ensures smooth operation, preventing issues like sticking or uneven rolling.

Adjustments and Testing: Buxton Blinds made adjustments to the shades to ensure they align correctly, roll smoothly, and provide the desired level of light control. Testing their functionality after maintenance is crucial to guarantee they operate flawlessly.

San Diego airport mural
San Diego airport drone view
San Diego airport electricalSan Diego airport electrical switch

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