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Just a day in the neighborhood

September 24, 2022

Just a day in the neighborhood.

An ordinary day, I suppose it was this morning when I took Winston for his daily walk. The walk in our neighborhood wound me around a few streets and into our little park before I said to my black and white Shitzu, "Let's go home now." He turned. We headed back.
I took my camera, for on previous walks I had noticed the flowers. Flowers are easy to photograph; they don't get tired, they're not fussy about their hair or their clothes or the angle of their noses. "Stay," I said to Winston a couple of times and I put my foot on his leash handle, for he's not always completely obedient, especially should a critter of the feline community happen to hiss by.

Elegant flowers.

I hope the neighbors in whose yards stand these elegant flowers didn't mind me kind of indulging myself by staring at--and photographing--these grand exhibitions that have sprung up here in the middle of winter in San Diego. Our cluster of streets in America's most beautiful city is not a notable one, nor one often cited in society pages, or other exceptional place--but it's ours, and we're happy to be here.​And you? Why not take a fresh look at your street, your flowers . . .and particularly your family. We're rather blessed, are we not?


Shirley Buxton