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February 20, 2020

An ordinary day, I suppose it was this morning when I took Winston for his daily walk. The walk in our neighborhood wound me around a few streets and into our little park before I said to my black and white Shitzu, "Let's go home now." He turned. We headed back.

I took my camera, for on previous walks I had noticed the flowers. Flowers are easy to photograph; they don't get tired, they're not fussy about their hair or their clothes or the

angle of their noses. "Stay," I said to Winston a couple of times and I put my foot on his leash handle, for he's not always completely obedient, especially should a critter of the feline community happen to hiss by.

I hope the neighbors in whose yards stand these elegant flowers didn't mind me kind of indulging myself by staring at--and photographing--these grand exhibitions that have sprung up here in the middle of winter in San Diego. Our cluster of streets in America's most beautiful city is not a notable one, nor one often cited in society pages, or other exceptional place--but it's ours, and we're happy to be here.

​And you? Why not take a fresh look at your street, your flowers . . .and particularly your family. We're rather blessed, are we not?

"Are you aware that Buxton Blinds carries every type of window treatment?"

Shirley Buxton

About the Author

In recent years Shirley has published four books and will soon be releasing the fifth one.The first, A Thousand Pieces, now into its fourth printing, is the story of her husband's horrendous accident in 1994 when he was struck by a drunk driver. He was in the hospital five months, and his remarkable recovery is attributed both to excellent medical care, and to the miraculous touch of God.
Her interests are wide. She is a lover of God who reads widely and enjoys traveling. She writes daily, speaks occasionally at seminars and other venues, and enjoys the search for treasures at thrift stores., She considers her family to be her greatest treasure.